The Iranian High Flying Tumblers are one of the most beautiful breed of pigeon for breed.There are a lot of breeds in Iran but the endurance flyer are from the city of Tehran, Kashan and Qom.

The Iranian high flyers come in all colors,most Iranian high flyer breeders do not care about how the birds look.These birds are endurance birds ,they are breds to fly long hours in hot and dry weather during summer and these birds do great.All the competitions in Tehran are held in the hotest months of summer time(Tirmah).If these competition birds are flown any other time they fly all day and end up staying up at night and getting lost, that's why the good competition birds are usually flown 2 months out of the year,one month before the competition to get them shape and the other month to fly and compete.

Iranian high flyers perform their best when they fly solo so if they are flown in kits when they are young they don't fly as good as they shoud.These bird do not start flying long hours until they master the art of tumbling.A good Iranian high flyer shoud fly high, capabel of going out of sight and fly long hours.It must be inteligent and  having strong homing instinct.